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I introcuce myself! My name is Alexander Urdiales and I am a graphic designer focused on Branding and corporate identity. I like to transmit ideas trough images using any kind of tool required from graphic design to applied photography.


I trully believe that the world we are linving in is an increasing global community and that the different ways of communication tend to unify themselves trough image and visual. This is the place where creativity, innovation and above all the human factor must play an important role.


The goal of this website is apart from showing some of my latest works, to share my passion for Art, graphic design, photography and filmmaking. If it is of some use or ispiration to anybody anywhere, even if it is just for one indivudual it will have been worthwhile.



Graphic design


It's been a while since I decided to inmerse myself in the fascinating world of photography and since then I haven't been able to stop.The word "Photography" find its roots in the greek word "Photos" (Light) and "Graphé" (Write, draw), so to photograph is literally to paint with light.


Personally I understand photography as a tool to tell stories in a creative, innovative and human way. I feel very comfortable doing portraits, travel and nature photography as I find it as an incredible way of talking about ourselves,our culture and our world. Despite of this, all the categories are full of creative possibilities and I try to experiment and to learn from them all each day.


In this ground I try to innovate and to adopt new formules as I think that is the true only possible to evolve in any art or discipline.






Cinema is one of my biggest passions. I love everything that has to do with cameras, lenses, microphones...Today more than ever we live in an audiovisualized world. The moving image and the sound have become indispensable tools to communicate. The evolution in technology enables us to endow our works with strength, even so I believe that is important to have the ideas clear and to know what is that we want to transmit.


Generally I like to experiment and to look for new point of view, new ways of telling the same but in a different way. I find the field of filmmaking very interesting because it is a confluence of many different artistic disciplines that let you to explore and to learn something new everyday.


The range is wide: shortfilms, videoclips, corporative videos, spots, interviews, videobooks, timeplase, documentarys, cinema, webserials, videoart... All a complete discipline full of categories.





Graphic design usually has as main goal to solve a problem, more specifically a communication problem. It is based in the transmission of a series of identities, concepts, ideas and attitudes through images created using a creative process. 


Despite of the topics used in the discipline, the best design is not the most colourful or the most aseptic of the most provocative, but the one that communicates best that we want to communicate. Is because of that that each project must be studied and worked in an individual way trying to find the best communicative solutions. 


Of course let's have some fun in the process! Nowadays we have so many creative tools that the posibilities of creation, experimentation and diffusion are infinite.




For me is impossible to remember the first day that I took a pencil between my hands but I'm sure it was a determinant day in my life as since then I have never stopped drawing and getting my hands dirty.


Illustration is a huge field full of possibilities: Pencil, watercolours, charcoal, chinese ink or even digital illustration... A very extense field that enables us today more than ever to experiment with new materials and techniques and to shape our dreams and imagination.


Illustration is a neverending source with multiple languages and lots of things to tell and above all a way to understand the reality, its forms, its movements,its colours, its volumes and its light, but at the same time is a way to create new realities and to transport ourselves into them.





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